Surecal 12v/240v Motorhome Water Heater Calorifier Installation Instructions

Calorifier Connection Instructions

Connection Instructions

First, select a suitable location for your new Surecal calorifier. Place the calorifier in position and secure down using it’s four fixing feet.

The calorifier is fitted with a temperature mixing valve (1). To set the valve turn anti clockwise to the maximum, this will give a maximum water temperature of 65°C. When the knob is fully closed i.e clockwise it is set to 30°C.

The hot out and PRV are made for 15mm push fit plastic plumbing, Hep20 or speed fit. Hot out must be at 12 o’clock (ie at the highest point) and cold in at 6 o’clock (the lowest point).

Push on your plastic plumbing or compression fitting to the mixer valve (1) for your hot water supply.

Push on your cold feed (2) to supply pump pressure cold water to the calorifier.

Immersion electrical connections, (5) - Connect to both 12 volt supply and mains supply.

Pipe the outlet of the pressure release valve to a suitable discharge point, please note this water will be hot.

Immersion heater(5) instructions contained on ‘Immersion Connection Instructions’ sheet.

It is advised that an expansion bottle be fitted on the hot supply between the thermostatic mixer and first take off (i.e. Taps). This will relieve the increased pressure caused by hot water expansion.

 If there is a risk of freezing when the calorifier is not in use, the calorifier must be drained as part of normal winterisaon/pre storage maintenance activies.

Only competant individuals should attempt to install the calorifier, incorrect installation will void warranty and no liability shall be taken by Surejust Ltd.

When deciding on the position of installation, care must be taken to ensure access can be obtained for future servicing and/or removal.

Whilst the insulation used for SureCal calorifiers ensures exceptional heat retention, the exterior can be easily scratched, it is recommended that the calorifer is positioned such that minimal contact with other equipment is ensured, in addition, the calorifier should not be positioned in contact with equipment that can reach a high operating temperature.

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